Our apartments are located in Ueckermünde. Ueckermünde is located in the northeast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the Stettine Haff.

By car from the south:
By car you can reach our apartments from the south, e.g. coming from Berlin via the highway A11 towards Stettin/Prenzlau. Take Exit 5 at Uckermark Cross onto the highway A20 towards Stralsund. Exit 36 Pasewalk South and take B109 towards Ueckermünde. After 25km, make right turn onto L28 and follow this street to Chausseestr. 8 in Ueckermünde.

By car from the west:
By car you can reach our apartments from the west, e.g. from Hamburg via the highway A20 towards Rostock. Take Exit 28 Jarmen and make right turn onto B110 towards Anklam. After 23km on B110 make a turn onto B109 towards Anklam Airport. After 22km, turn left onto L28 and follow it to the Chausseestr. 8 in Ueckermünde.

By rail:
Take the train to Ueckermünde Train Station. From Ueckermünde Train Station it is about 15 minutes (1.2 km) to our apartments.

By air:
By air, you can reach our apartments via the nearest airport, Anklam EDCA.

By boat:
You can also reach our apartments by boat via the Marina Ueckermünde. The marina is accessible via the Peenestrom and the aft water as well as by the emperor ride at Swinemünde.